About Clear Needs – New ideas

image016Clear Needs – New Ideas was developed as part of a three-year partnership project involving Southampton University, Southampton City Council, two social enterprises (RISE Community Development and Communication & Action*) and a Hampshire-based charity, Carers Together.

During the project, we at Communication and Action trialled it with:
•    people using care or support
•    community groups
•    families and friends of service users
•    carers and providers of support services to adults with learning difficulties, mental health issues or physical conditions that limit their independence.

Since the end of the project, we have developed it further. The feedback we’ve received is enthusiastic and appreciative.

“One of the best tools I ever picked up – I still use it.”

“Makes a great motivational tool”

“As women we always think of others – our husbands, our family. I have never thought about me before – that I have needs.”

“I have never thought in this way before”

Whether you are a service user, service provider, a carer, a family member or friend, we offer you the resource as a way of opening up a conversation with the person receiving support and care or with the people providing it. In our experience, working through Clear Needs – New Ideas helps people using care and support to think creatively about the possibilities open to them and to act on one or more of those possibilities.

It might help you, too. Try working through it with friends or colleagues. You could be pleasantly surprised about where it takes you.

*Communication and Action was a not-for-profit Registered Society for the Benefit of the Community.
The resources on this website have been developed by Jenny Edwards, Alison Harper, Nathan Brown and Jo McHale.