TriangleClear Needs – New Ideas is a set of FREE resources for groups and individuals. By guiding people through a thought-provoking and creative process, it helps them find new ways to meet their needs, even when they are dependent on others for support and care.

We all have needs! But we don’t always recognise what they are, let alone how to meet them. So we survive – when instead, we could thrive.

For people dependent on others for support and care, thriving in spite of their constraints is an even greater challenge.

And let’s not forget the needs of their family and friends on whom they rely.

‘Clear Needs – New Ideas’ (CN-NI) is a powerful (and free) set of resources designed to help them find ways to move from ‘surviving’ towards ‘thriving’.

The resources are designed to be used by:image010
•    Service providers
•    Carers
•    Volunteer ‘buddies’
•    Family and friends
•    Individuals.

In other words, Clear Needs – New Ideas is something you could use in a formal or informal setting, whatever your role. It is a structured process that helps people to:
•    identify their needs
•    explore a range of possible ways of meeting their needs
•    make life-enhancing choices from the possibilities
•    take action on their choices.

And it can be illuminating for anyone who is looking for more out of their life.

To start exploring the resources, go to:
About for an explanation of Clear Needs – New Ideas and what it is designed to do
Use (of Clear needs – New ideas) for guidance on using it with groups or with individuals
Resources for links to the downloadable resource materials
Marketing to see how CN-NI can help you get more visibility
Testimonials to see feedback from users of the resources
Contact to get in touch with the developers of the resources.